Enterprise AI Suite For Engineering Firms

Our partners use the Enterprise AI Suite to manage their clients’ road assessments.

Centralize All Your Projects

The Enterprise Platform enables you to create new assessment projects, track project completion progress, and manage all of your clients’ road assessments in one place.

Prioritize Maintenance

Enterprise Suite Partners can collect data with their own staff using RoadSense, our data collection app, and RoadNav, our turn-by-turn navigation app.

RoadBotics Operation Technicians can also collect your data for an additional fee.

Support Your Clients With AI

Support your municipal government clients with objective road assessments using artificial intelligence.

Our Process

Step 1

Upload shapefile of your project in Enterprise Portal

Step 2

Approve your quote

Step 3

Collect data with a smartphone, RoadSense, and RoadNav App

Step 4

Upload collected data for AI analysis

Step 5

Access and manage your assessment data

What You Get

Enterprise Platform

Project management platform where all your road assessment projects are centralized

AI Assessment

Objective 5 level rating of road surface conditions using our computer algorithms

Data Collection App

RoadSense, our easy-to-use data collection app that collects images of the roads

Online Map

RoadWay, our browser-based map with road condition ratings and images of every 10-ft section

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

RoadNav, our turn-by-turn navigation app that provides simple directions for data collection

Discounted Pricing

Enterprise partners receive discounted pricing from our listed prices for each project created

GIS & CSV Files

GIS compatible shapefile of the condition rating and CSV file of the segment level data are optional

Partner Support

Onboarding & training to ensure a smooth, successful transition through the stages