GovTech FutureStructure Features RoadBotics and North Huntingdon Township, PA

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Ryan Fonzi, Associate Planning Director of North Huntington Township describes the work that we did in 2017 to establish an interactive map of the municipality’s road system, work that cost them about $6,000.

Read the full article here: Township Leans on Tech for Paving Plan

About GovTech FutureStructure:

FutureStructure is a new initiative from the publishers of GOVERNING, Government Technology and Emergency Management, together with the GOVERNING Institute and the Center for Digital Government. The goal of FutureStructure is to help public sector leaders think more like system engineers and thereby get past the constraints inherent in the haphazard and siloed approaches that government often encounters when conceiving of and building a community’s future.

FutureStructure provides a new framework to help public sector leaders think and act more like system engineers. By thinking about cities as systems of systems, our FutureStructure initiative helps convene and change the conversation around the interrelated parts that make our communities work – parts that are too often discussed separately and in silos.


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