How North Huntingdon Township Revolutionized Its Paving Program With RoadBotics

Scarlett Kim

Scarlett Kim

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Planning a 5-year paving program and improving the condition of roads efficiently.


RoadBotics: Fast, objective, affordable road assessment


  • North Huntingdon Township received the complete assessment in 1 month, saving 5 months of its staff’s time and effort.
  • The township easily uploaded RoadBotics data into its GIS software, created maps with road condition data of 7 voting wards, and prioritized paving needs based on objective data.
  • North Huntingdon Township justified the need to increase funds by 200% for road maintenance based on RoadBotics data.

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About North Huntingdon Township

North Huntingdon Township is located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, less than 30 minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh and Greensburg. The township has a population of around 30,000 people and manages 160 miles of roads. North Huntingdon Township was the very first customer to partner with RoadBotics in 2017 and has been making pavement decisions based on objective data.

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