Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, Uses Roadsoft & RoadBotics Hand-In-Hand

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The Public Works Department at Cranberry Township wants their road maintenance to be cost-effective and efficient. From contracting with engineering firms to utilizing sensor vans, every option was too expensive – except one: RoadBotics!


Cranberry Township needed to find a way to strategically allocate the budget towards preventative maintenance, while avoiding the pitfalls of subjective and time consuming manual road assessments.




  • The township received its road assessment in 30 days
  • The time saved allowed its staff to redirect their efforts into other priorities 
  • As a Roadsoft user, the Township also uploaded a shapefile of the road assessment into its software to prioritize maintenance needs based on data

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About Cranberry Township

Cranberry Township is a township in Butler County, Pennsylvania. They manage 135 miles of roads and are projected to reach 50,000 residents by 2030. 

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