The Ease of Self Collection with RoadBotics

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RoadBotics makes it incredibly easy for you to perform self collection for your next road assessment. By following the simple steps below, all you have to worry about is enjoying your drive!

Start with the checklist

RoadBotics Specialists provide a Road Assessment Checklist, which contains everything you’ll need for data collection. They can answer any questions you have about the materials or process. Once you have everything in your data collection kit, you’re good to go for all future assessments.

RoadBotics' Self Collection Checklist generic, no words written

Download the tools

Since data collection is the most important part of a RoadBotics Road Assessment, we provide the tools for you to easily and efficiently gather information about your road network. 

Meet RoadNav and RoadSense, your data collection apps!

RoadNav makes navigation foolproof

RoadNav, our navigation app, leads you through your road network in the most efficient way possible. RoadBotics Cartographers map the best routes to optimize the data collection process and ensure all the roads in your network are covered. Each route is approximately 5-9 miles in length and when driven in succession, provide continuous coverage of your roads.

RoadNav Routes 1-3
Route 1 on RoadNav

RoadSense simplifies data collection

RoadBotics Specialists will guide you through mounting your smartphone correctly on the windshield. RoadSense, our data collection app, will record image and meta-data about your roads as your drive your route.

Once the entire network route is finished, you’re prompted to upload the data you’ve collected.

Data collection using RoadSense on your smartphone

Voila! No more taking pictures of each problem area, or getting out of the car to take notes. Stay buckled, drive the speed limit, and enjoy the scenery!

Now, the data you’ve collected can be run through our artificial intelligence (AI) to generate your road assessment map on RoadWay

From the data you collected, RoadWay can now show you:

  • Color-coded map based on road ratings for your entire network
  • Objective ratings and images for each 10-foot long section of your road
  • An overall road network score 
  • Individual distress identification for common pavement distresses
  • Potholes in your entire network

Are you interested in learning more? You can contact a RoadBotics Specialist or sign up for one of our upcoming Live Demo Webinars.


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