A Bucket List of Road-Related Social Distancing Activities

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It’s Week 6, Day 3, of working from home, and while we shouldn’t take the privilege of being safe at home for granted, I think we’ve all had a similar thought creep into our days:

When will this be over?! I’m losing my mind!

Take a breath, and know you are not alone. In fact, if you are working remotely in the industries of Civil Engineering or Public Works, I might even have a pleasant surprise in store. I present to you a bucket list of Road-Related Social Distancing Approved Activities!

Learning Opportunities

Fulfill your PDH requirements for the year, and maybe even the next with The American Society of Civil Engineers! ASCE offers a wide variety of learning opportunities:

Go remote with RoadBotics! RoadBotics is bringing you free remote web events every week to help you get smarter and stay sane! We cover A LOT of different topics so there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. Don’t be shy, sign up for a few:

Get unique insights into bigger picture conversations in the Government Technology industry with their free webinars (note: the preview generated below says event sponsorship, but it is a link to the webinars’ page):

Sit in on a Business As Usual Web Chat with Pittsburgh Tech Council! This daily, lunchtime session is a perfect way to stay current in a casual way. Pick and choose which events you attend based on each day’s ft. guest:

Get a New (Data-Driven) Perspective

Objectivity is a valuable ally. Take a look at your current professional strategies and see where there’s room for improvement. Can you improve efficiency and possible stand to save a couple of dollars? We empathize with state and local governments, who regularly have a hard time making the necessary infrastructure improvements on federal budgets that haven’t been updated in quite some time.

With the RoadBotics RoadSense app, you can use this downtime to collect your own objective road data, which is very helpful when planning road repairs! The best part is your first 5 miles are FREE! Get on the road to a digital approach! I have a feeling you won’t hit any traffic…

Maybe you’re more interested in Waste Water Management? Our friends at CivicMapper are an awesome resource for getting objective data about your water systems! While you can’t try before you buy, you can get access to the recording release of our tag-team web event that covered “Digitizing Your Urban Sewer and Stormwater Infrastructure for Climate Resilience and High-Performance Asset Management“! Just visit our Web Recording here.

Read Up

The steady slew of COVID legislation announcements paired with the new challenges of taking operations online is a recipe to fall behind on current industry news! Here are a few articles to get you up to date:

If you made it this far, I commend your love of road-related readings! Did you find something in this article particularly useful? Share with us!


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