Remote With RoadBotics, Weeks 7-10 Recap

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For over ten weeks, the RoadBotics team relished hosting, presenting, and attending over forty web events, which shared experience and expertise with our clients, partners, and friends. Along with our valued municipal, engineering, corporate, and university partners, we incorporated topics such as developing pavement management plans, coding for engineers, and applying AI to road assessments, construction safety, and infrastructure monitoring.

Here’s a recap of some of the web events from the last three weeks:

Take a Test Drive on RoadWay with a Five Mile Free Trial

Are you a municipality or government that would like to see what RoadBotics objective road assessments would look like in your community? Todd Saulle, RoadBotics’ Product Manager, and Miles Campbell, RoadBotics’ Solutions Engineer, explain how easy it is to get a Free Trial of RoadWay, RoadBotics’ proprietary road assessment software platform.

Watch this preview clip to learn just how easy it is to receive your Free Trial.

Using AI to Reduce Risk in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry is a software company that uses AI to reduce risk in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries. Tim Gattie,’s Vice President of Industry Strategy, gives an introduction to the company and Vinnie, their proprietary AI platform.

Learn how Vinnie analyses construction site safety footage in this preview clip.

Mobility Data Analytics for Traffic Management

Sean Z. Qian from Carnegie Mellon University’s Mobility Data Analytics Center (MAC) describes his research collecting and analyzing mobility data to better understand travel behavior. This knowledge is used to develop models that track and alert citizen’s to irregular and heavy traffic, as shown by Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania’s Real Time Traffic Management system.

In this preview clip, learn about Cranberry Township’s Real Time Traffic Management.

Evaluating Complete Streets Implementation

For six years, Jordana Maisel from the University of Buffalo’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access studied the implementation of Complete Streets, an application of inclusive design. In this talk, she explains inclusive design and its importance, then presents her findings from four Complete Streets policy studies across the United States.

But what are Complete Streets? Watch this preview clip to find out.

The Future of the Transportation System with Stan Caldwell of CMU's Traffic21 Institute

RoadBotics’ President, Ben Schmidt, PhD, sits down with Stan Caldwell from Carnegie Mellon University’s Traffic21 Institute. In this informative Q&A, they discuss partnerships with local nonprofits to deliver food to students during shutdown, the future of autonomous vehicles and transportation, and considerations for government budgeting moving forward.

Learn about the resiliency of the transportation system in this preview clip.

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