RoadWay User Tips With Todd: Collecting Sidewalk Image Data

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In Tips with Todd, RoadBotics Product Manager Todd Saulle shows you how to use specific tools within RoadWay, and how they could be useful to your public works department or engineering firm. Let’s look at using AgileMapper (formerly Image Logger) to collect sidewalk image data.

With AgileMapper, you can create an image inventory of your sidewalks and other adjacent public infrastructure assets.

Step 1: Sign Up for AgileMapper

Go to and create your free account. During this process, you will complete the form to create your profile and initiate a project.

Step 2: Download RoadSense on your Smartphone and Collect Data

Once you’ve downloaded the RoadSense app on your Apple or Android device, sign in using the credentials created in Step 1.

Under the ‘Available Projects’ drop-down menu, select the project you created. Then select ‘Get Started.’

Your device will default to the horizontal view. This ensures the sidewalk image data is collected in the widest frame possible.

Select ‘Start Camera Mode,’ hit the ‘Record’ button, and begin walking to collect data.

Note, if you are collecting data for roads, mount the device to your windshield and begin driving. Similarly, you can collect data for bike lanes or trails on a bicycle by mounting your device to the handlebars.

Once you have finished recording, select ‘Stop,’ then ‘Save,’ and upload the data to the cloud.

Step 3: View Your Sidewalk Data on AgileMapper

After a few days, your sidewalk image data will appear on AgileMapper. 

During that waiting period, RoadBotics AI is hard at work splicing your video footage into a series of images every ten feet. The geo-spatial time-stamped images are placed on the AgileMapper map.

Select a point on the map to view the 1080p sidewalk imagery with metadata. Use the ‘NEXT>’ or ‘<PREV’ arrows to scan through your images or press the ‘Play’ button to virtually walk down the sidewalk.

As you move down the sidewalk, observe pertinent details about the sidewalk’s condition along with adjacent assets including manhole covers, accessibility cut outs, and parking meters.

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