Product Updates: User Interface Improvements

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Our latest product updates feature upgrades to the user experience.

Functionally, you’ll be able to perform the same tasks you always have on the platform, but the buttons and options are now in a more concise, intuitive place.

The next time you log in, you’ll see a new User Interface that looks like this: 

New RoadWay Platform

Function Relocation

Previously, on the right side above the map were icons for Notifications and the User Dropdown Menu. 

Now, the options for Notifications, User Information, Settings (formerly Preferences), FAQs, and Sign Out are in the bottom-left corner:

Movement of User Dropdown Features
old interface
New User Dropdown Location
new interface

In the bottom left, you’ll now see a button with your initials. Click it to manage your profile or change your password.

New User Information

The Dashboard and Administration functions are condensed under a new icon where the user drop-down menu used to be.

Movement of Dashboard and Admin
old dashboard and admin functions
New Dashboard and Admin Location
new dashboard and admin functions

Dashboard will take you to the assessment dashboard, and you can click the icon again to switch between grid view and list view. The remainder of the Admin dashboard is the same.

assessment Dashboard Grid View
grid view
Assessment Dashboard List View
list view

The assessment switcher is now on the top left above the road network summary.

Movement of Assessment Switcher
old switcher
New Assessment Switcher Location
new switcher

Other Changes

Lastly, the ‘gear’ icon at the bottom left of the map used to access RoadWay tools was replaced with a ‘toolbox’ icon.

Old Tools Gear Icon
former Gear icon
new Toolbox icon

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