Product Updates: Individual Distress Identification Improvements

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RoadBotics is excited to release new features for Individual Distress Identification (IDI) assessments, including network HD-PCI rating scores and Individual Distress Analysis data toggling.

Network HD-PCI Score

Last month, RoadBotics released their proprietary pavement rating system, HD-PCI. For clients with an Individual Distress Identification (IDI) assessment, that information is now available for the entire road network through the network HD-PCI score.

Network Scores

The network HD-PCI score is generated by averaging the HD-PCI segment ratings, weighted by length of segment.

To view this data, simply access the assessment through RoadWay. The network HD-PCI score is found within the purple box next to the network RoadBotics score, as shown to the left.

Individual Distress Analysis Data Toggle

RoadBotics released the Individual Distress Analysis for users with an IDI assessment last month. The Advanced Distress Filtering function allows you to filter based on condition rating or the presence and/or prevalence of pavement distresses. 

In addition to viewing your distress information by segment, the new Data Toggle feature allows you to also view this data by street name.

Individual Distress Analysis

You can view pavement distress information for an entire street, as opposed to intersection by intersection in the segment view. Whether viewing the entire report or filtering by segment or street name, the data can be exported to a CSV file for reporting or data analysis purposes.


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