RoadWay User Tips With Todd: Dynamic Segmentation Tool Updates

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In Tips with Todd, RoadBotics Product Manager Todd Saulle shows you how to use specific tools within RoadWay, and how they could be useful to your public works department or engineering firm. 

In this edition, Todd will demonstrate the latest updates to the Dynamic Segmentation tool for users with standard pavement or Individual Distress Identification (IDI) assessments. 

With the Dynamic Segmentation tool, you can select segments on the assessment map to generate a table with corresponding pavement data including the street name, length of the segment, and average RoadBotics rating score. Use the Click and Drag function to highlight a particular area on the map or the Select function to select segments one by one.

For both assessment levels, the Dynamic Segmentation tool now features a download button. Export the data from the segments selected in a CSV file, making pavement condition analysis and planning even easier. 

With an IDI assessment, you’ll now receive more robust information when using the Dynamic Segmentation tool. 

The Segment Distress Statistics aggregates the number of potholes and patches/sealant and the percentage of cracking, pavement distortions, and surface deterioration present in the segments selected. 

Additionally, the pavement distress information is presented in the table per segment. After exporting the table, you can sort and filter for segments with a certain number of potholes or a percentage of cracking to plan preventative maintenance.


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