Product Updates: Polygon Lasso and More

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RoadBotics is excited to release new features for RoadWay and Individual Distress Identification (IDI) assessments, including the Polygon Lasso feature for Dynamic Segmentation and HD-PCI filtering on the Individual Distress Analysis.

Polygon Lasso

RoadWay’s Dynamic Segmentation tool is now more sophisticated with the addition of the Polygon Lasso feature. Similar to the Lasso tool found in design software, the Polygon Lasso feature allows you to define the boundaries of the Dynamic Segmentation table using connected, self-selected points.

To begin, click Dynamic Segmentation on the RoadWay map and select Polygon Lasso on the menu. Moving one at a time, select points on the map to outline a particular area of roads. Once complete, double click on the final point to populate the exportable Dynamic Segmentation table. 

The table will display RoadBotics assessment data for the roads that fall into the shape created including street name, length, and average RoadBotics rating score. Users with an IDI assessment will also see the accompanying Segment Distress Statistics.

Example of Polygon Lasso tool and Dynamic Segmentation table on an Individual Distress Identification (IDI) Assessment.

The Polygon Lasso is a unique feature that makes it easy for you to generate exportable data on roads that fall into a particular geographic area, such as a Ward or District.

HD-PCI Filtering

RoadBotics continues to develop features to supplement the recent release of HD-PDI and the Individual Distress Analysis. For clients with an IDI assessment, the Individual Distress Analysis now contains the HD-PCI Score filter.

Like the Pavement Distresses filtering capabilities, you can now filter for roads in their network that fall into a particular HD-PCI rating range. Using the lower and upper limits, you define the range, and the table populates the streets or segments that contain those scores. The data generated on the Individual Distress Analysis table can also be exported to a CSV for further manipulation or analysis.


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