Adding Your Image Data to AgileMapper

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Routine inventory and inspection of fire hydrants, street signs, storm drains, and other assets are essential aspects of infrastructure management. Often this process involves taking photos to track the condition of assets over time. 

But how can you make the most of your existing image data?

The AgileMapper website platform is a useful tool for turning asset imagery into an interactive map! On AgileMapper, your uploaded photos are tagged by artificial intelligence and placed on a map based on each image’s accompanying geospatial data. 

Your infrastructure assets are now accessible from the comfort of your office or anywhere with an internet connection.

The AgileMapper process begins with images. You can upload image data either through the AgileMapper app on your smartphone or on the website platform.

Upload Through the App

On the AgileMapper app, you can either upload existing image data or take brand new photos as you assess assets. 

To get started using AgileMapper on your smartphone, download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

After logging in, select the project you are contributing to. At this point, you can either add photos from your camera roll or take live pictures. 

Once you have selected or snapped the images, hit the ‘Upload Images’ button to upload them to the AgileMapper platform. Within minutes, all of the images will be visible on the AgileMapper website platform.

Take New Photos in the App

With AgileMapper, you can take new pictures directly in the smartphone app while out in the field collecting data. 

To do this, select the Camera icon button and snap the assets as you go. Once you are finished taking live photos, select the ones you want to upload, then hit the ‘upload images’ button. The photos will upload instantly to the desktop platform.

Here’s a pro tip: ensure that the smartphone’s location services are activated while using the app. This will ensure the geospatial data is uploaded along with the image data.

Upload Existing Photos into the App

Do you have existing asset imagery saved on your smartphone? Using the AgileMapper app, you can select images from your camera roll and upload them to the desktop platform. 

To add photos from your camera roll, hit the ‘Add Images’ button and select the ones you would like to add. Then hit the ‘upload images’ button.

Upload On the Desktop

The process for uploading images on the website platform is very similar to the smartphone app. The important difference is that on the website platform, you can only upload existing images.

Select the project you would like to contribute to. Then in the upper right corner, select the ‘Add Captures’ button. Then either drag image files into the upload area or click the button to add pictures from your computer files.

Did you accidentally select the wrong image? Hit the Trash Can icon in the top right of the image to delete it. 

After selecting the images you would like to upload, select the ‘Upload Captures’ button in the top right corner of the screen. After the upload is complete, the images will appear on the AgileMapper map.

Labeling Images

One of the hallmarks of AgileMapper technology is the ability to have artificial intelligence go to work for you automatically labeling the infrastructure assets visible in the pictures. This process saves valuable time over manually labeling the images. 

To ensure the AI tagging is active, check the ‘Label Images’ option in the upload screen on the app or desktop.

Note, the AI tagging is not required when uploading images. You have the freedom to manually tag your photos or choose to add manual tags to images that were also tagged by the AI. 

If you are completing an asset inventory, you may want to add manual tags that denote the year the asset was installed or repaired, or the condition it is in. The possibilities are endless.

Another benefit of AgileMapper is the ability to search by tags and find what you are looking for. 

Whether you are mapping all of the fire hydrants in your community or inspecting the condition of the road signs on Main Street, AgileMapper’s AI simple image upload process, automatic mapping, and AI tagging makes managing infrastructure assets easy and efficient.

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