It’s All About Location: Editing Map Points on AgileMapper

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Did you know you can change the location of image data points on AgileMapper?

Remember, the data points are plotted based on the GPS location of the device taking the picture, not the GPS location of the actual asset(s) pictured in the image. Moving the point to the exact location of the asset on the map can correct for device location or occasional GPS drift

This is especially useful when performing linear data collection of road adjacent assets, such as road signs, fire hydrants, or storm drains, from a moving vehicle.

At first, the imported images will plot along the road where the vehicle traveled. Now, AgileMapper gives you the ability to move the point from where the asset was originally plotted on the map to the exact location you know to be true. For example, you may move a fire hydrant from a point in the middle of the road to its rightful place just off the sidewalk.

Moving points based on their actual geographic location makes your maps more accurate, and therefore making it easier to analyze data, produce work orders, and generate reports.

Moving Points

To begin, click on the point that you wish to move to another location. Then select the pencil icon to the left of the image, highlighted in the screenshot below.

Next, a small dialogue box will appear above the data point instructing you to move the point to the desired location. When finished, hit the save icon that replaced the pencil icon to save your changes.

Note: Moving a point is often easier in Satellite view. To change the map base from Streets to Satellite, select the map icon in the bottom right of the map next to the information icon.

Sharing and Deleting Points

In addition to moving image data points, you can also share the image’s URL or delete a point.

To share, click the desired point and select the share icon to copy the URL. Then paste the URL in an email or text message. 


Similarly, to delete a data point, click on the point and select the trash can icon. Deleting points is a useful way to manage duplicates that arise from linear asset collection.

Bringing It Together

In Episode 3 of Making the Most of AgileMapper, RoadBotics Product Manager Todd demonstrates how to edit points on the map and explains why it’s useful.

Now you are on the road to making your AgileMapper maps more accurate! Try it out for yourself. Sign up for your free AgileMapper account.


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