Halloween Mapping Madness!

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Gather round ghouls and ghosts! We have a special spooky surprise for you as Halloween approaches!

We’ve gone mad with mapping power and plotted some spooky surprises on AgileMapper! 

What does our artificial intelligence technology think of these eerie assets?

See how even Halloween can benefit from the power of interactive maps!

How did the AI label our spooky assets?

When uploading image data to AgileMapper, our artificial intelligence automatically applies appropriate tags.

This is a very useful feature when performing asset inspections and inventories, but does it help us identify halloween essentials like skulls, spiders, candy, and cemeteries? Let’s find out!

Let's put the tagging feature to work!

It turns out that our artificial intelligence does wonderful with more straight-forward identifications like candy, tombstones, and spiders, but for more uncommon images like a giant skeleton or skull, it’s more likely to list basic attributes. 

No problem! With AgileMapper’s custom tagging option, we can clean up these tags and make them useful in no time!

It’s easy to make new tags and to delete unwanted ones. Head here for a more in-depth walk through of these features.

Here’s how we updated the Halloween images to have more relevant tags:


Mapping Madness Complete!

Now we have a fun and searchable Halloween map that can be used to filter our visual data through our automatic and custom tags. 

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