Spun out of CMU...

RoadBotics was started as a spin out of Carnegie Mellon University Traffic 21. Christoph Mertz spent many years providing a prototype service offering which demonstrated the capability of modern machine learning technologies to enhance and supplement current road inventory management collection strategies.

The RoadBotics founders - Mark DeSantis, Courtney Ehrlichman, Chistoph Mertz, and Benjamin Schmidt -  licensed the technology from CMU Robotics Institute and began engineering and product development towards the commercialization of the service. 

RoadBotics has been approached by a number of large industry partners, well-connected investors, and potential clients seeking access to this emerging technology and service offering. The founders have a clear vision towards commercialization success in the road maintenance industry. In addition, RoadBotics has been identifying additional opportunities where continuously roving sensor platforms can bring disruptive changes to other markets. 

We are always interested in connecting with like-minds and future customers so please reach out to us below if you have further questions, comments, or would like to start a discussion.