AgileMapper creates a mapped image library of your public infrastructure assets so you can start making better data-driven decisions today – for roads, sidewalks, trails, and more.

Easily Collect Visual Data

Before problems or disasters happen, collect an image inventory of your assets using just your smartphone. 

Images appear on a map and include GPS location information and a date/timestamp. 

Review Your Assets

Your assets will appear on a web-based map, where you can review and evaluate their condition from anywhere. 

The image inventory can help with making maintenance and replacement decisions, securing grants and other funding, complying with rules or regulations, and mitigating speculation with insurance companies.

Retain and Recollect As Needed

AgileMapper can be accessed from anywhere and is securely stored in the cloud. The time-stamped images provide an accurate record of your public infrastructure assets. 

You can re-collect data at any time, making your image library a useful before-and-after tool. 

Save For Future Analytics

AgileMapper data can later be plugged into the advanced analytics on the RoadWay platform.

Make decisions with the data you have now, and use this data for more advanced analysis later.

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