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Benjamin Schmidt, PhD

Benjamin Schmidt, PhD

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What would you do with a continuously updating infrastructure survey?

Undoubtedly by this point, you understand the core value of a comprehensive infrastructure survey – you own assets and need to know their condition, so you survey them. You have likely been doing them every few years for several decades. The data is good, and helps inform your decision making. But it quickly becomes stale and outdated if it is not updated continuously.

What if that were not the case?

What if you could get a continuously updated survey of your existing infrastructure – the condition, the location – and make a plan that continuously evolves?

I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, and let me go try to find the budget to do that…

There are already mechanisms to reduce that from every few years to every year without any additional cost (shameless self-promotion for RoadBotics). But shortly we will be looking at truly continuous, roving, updating infrastructure assessments.

Most assets might only require a survey every few years. But I ask you to imagine the lowly stop sign. A relatively minor, in terms of cost, asset, but one that is critical for safety. What happens when it goes missing? Gets knocked over? Damaged? Currently… wait for someone to call or for a crew to notice?This will be the true power of continuous asset management.

Imagine you receive an email or a text message that told you which sign was damaged, where it is located, and gave you directions?

That’s the future.

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