Access From Anywhere Anytime

Regularly Updated Infrastructure Conditions With the Click of a Button


Cloud Based

The RoadBotics service is an online, cloud-based web portal. Our management tools enable you to share access to anyone in your organization you designate.

ADvanced Analytics

The advanced analytics and deep learning capability of RoadBotics captures, identifies, assesses, and locates each problem and anomaly on a roadway immediately, along with a prioritization for solving or addressing them. Road managers can now confidently deploy assets to maximum effect proactively and without searching for those problem areas or waiting for complaints.


Boots on the Ground

RoadBotics‘ eyes on the problem’s capability images and assessments of the actual conditions allows road managers to double check conditions, survey an area, or gut-check problem areas without having to leave your office.

Export Capability

The RoadBotics Cloud can also export to common GIS mapping formats our roadway inventories can be ported and integrated into an existing roadway inventory management systems.