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Would you like to import your road network into a GIS software?

RoadBotics can help you by creating a Shapefile or GeoJSON file to get you started. We’ll even update your road network in OpenStreetMap (OSM), too.

Provide the map you have...

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GeoJSON, Shapefile, and updated road network in OSM
For faster service, please follow these guidelines:

We’ve worked with nearly every file type to create digital maps! You can submit:

  • PNG
  • PDF

In the file you submit, please clearly indicate the roads you are responsible for maintaining or would like included on your map.

    • Alleys: If you do not want alleys assessed, then do not include them in the file you send.
    • Non-Jurisdiction Roads: Does your map include roads that you do not manage (e.g., state, county or private roads)? If so, please delete these roads from your file before submitting.

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