For Governments

Our customers use RoadWay, our map accessible online, to view our road assessments.

Why RoadBotics?

Most governments manually inspect their roads to prioritize maintenance needs, but visual inspections are tediousdangerous, and subjective. Some governments use van based services that are too expensive. 

With RoadBotics, you get timely, data-driven results that are objective, cost-efficient, and easy to visualize.

Quick Delivery

See All Your
Road Conditions

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire road network and use RoadWay to visually communicate the status of your roads to council members and other stakeholders.

Prioritize Maintenance

Focus on roads that are in dire need of repair. RoadWay lets you select the roads you want to see based on the level of damage.

Visually Inspect Your Roads

Save time by seeing a time-stamped image of each 10-foot section of your roads anytime at any place.

Learn how Savannah, GA saved time and money using RoadBotics

Our Process

Step 1

We receive a map of your roads.

Step 2

Our operations technicians collect images of your roads using smartphones. 

Step 3

The images collected are analyzed by AI algorithms.

Step 4

You receive a comprehensive pavement assessment.

What You Get

Data Collection

Comprehensive data collection of the customer’s road network by trained service professionals

GIS and CSV Files

GIS compatible shapefile of the pavement condition rating and CSV file of the segment level data are optional

Customer Support

Onboarding and training to ensure the successful collection of data, delivery, and the final assessment

Online Map

RoadWay, our browser-based map with road condition ratings and images of every 10-foot section

High Resolution Images of Roads Every 10-ft

A 5 level rating for each section of road that can easily be aligned to existing condition rating requirements

5 Level Rating of Road Conditions

Roadway images enabling instant views of the pavement condition and roadside assets

Start saving with road condition assessments.