RoadWay for Governments

View an objective assessment of your entire road network online

See All Road Conditions

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire road network online. Use RoadWay to visually communicate the condition of your roads to stakeholders, including local officials and the public.

Prioritize Maintenance

Use RoadWay to focus on roads that are in dire need of repair. RoadWay lets you select the roads you want to see based on their level of damage.

Virtually Inspect Your Roads

Save time driving and see a detailed, high-definition, time stamped image of every 10-foot section of any road from any desk.

Our Process

Data Collection
Collect images of your road network using smartphones.
AI Assessment

The road network images are analyzed by our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

RoadWay Online Platform
Receive a comprehensive road condition assessment, easily accessible at any time.
New! Distress Identification
The Individual Distresses mode identifies all visible distresses in every 10 feet of road.

What You Get

Ongoing Customer Support
5-Level Rating of Road Conditions
Secure Cloud Storage of Image Data
Identification of Individual Distresses, Including Potholes
Planning Tools
Importable GIS and CSV Files

Learn how Savannah, GA, saved time and money using RoadBotics