Understand your road infrastructure in real-time

Our products allow governments and contractors to be more effective in their budgeting and maintenance operations. In addition, road managers become more responsive to the needs of their community infrastructure.


Road Data Collection with a smartphone app

Cloud Based Information Delivery



Gain deeper insights into your road infrastructure, as it evolves

With our simple smartphone app, It's easy to obtain yearly, monthly, or even weekly snapshots of your roads surface conditions.

Our cost-effective monitoring solution allows road managers to obtain granular data on their entire road infrastructure.




Maintain your good roads

Every road manager knows that it's just as important to repair bad roads as it is to keep your good roads healthy. 

RoadBotics allows road managers to easily see where their worst conditions are located, but also to monitor whether their good roads are decaying.



Our cloud platform means you always have access

No software to install - everything is available behind a secured web login. All stakeholders in the road management process have access to the road information ensuring that your team is always in the know.