In the past infrastructure was built & maintained. Now, it is built & managed.

There are tens of millions of miles of roadways in the world, with each mile demanding thousands of dollars every year to maintain. Yet the vast scale of the world’s inventory of roadways makes continuous monitoring using traditional methods of visual inspection all but impossible. Perhaps that is why governments and companies around the world are coming up with and deploying scalable yet inexpensive, precise and accurate tools to monitor and proactive managing their roadways and other infrastructure assets. In fact, the era of building and maintaining infrastructure is over and the era of building and managing infrastructure, including roadways, is now upon us thanks to smart AI-driven learning platforms like RoadBotics.

Our approach to monitoring and managing roadways is as simple and cost-effective as a using standard, lost-cost smartphone to collect images of the roadway ahead and uploading that data to the RoadBotics Cloud. RoadBotics then continuously analyzes all that data to provide municipalities, contractors or anyone responsible for our roadways a continuous and up to date inventory and assessment of their respective roadway problems and anomalies – precisely and accurately. The result is our customers now know and understand how, where and when to apply each dollar of investment preserving their roadways well into the future.