Individual Distress Identification

Use the power of advanced machine learning to unlock the location of every crack, pothole, and patch, automatically streamlining your road maintenance process

A Map of Every Pothole

Using our advanced AI and the imagery collected from RoadSense, you can create a comprehensive map of every pothole in your community with the push of a button.

The Power of AI

Automatically map the potholes and surface distress in your existing road data. Unlock the power of AI to help gain you insights and make data-driven decisions.

Support Your Maintenance Decisions

Use actionable data to formulate work orders, assign work crews, and design a maintenance schedule for your road network.

What Our Technology Automatically Detects:

Transverse & Longitudinal Cracking
Patches & Sealant
Surface Deterioration
Surface Distortions
Fatigue Cracking

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