Sign Inventory Management

Signs are a critical component of roadway safety.

But it is also one of the most complex, error prone, and costly inventory inspection processes. Owing to their ubiquity and the complex regulations regarding acceptability it is a challenge for many road managers to obtain a comprehensive road signage inventory. Further, it is challenging to maintain such an inventory given the complex ways signs deteriorate, become damaged, or when they are stolen or vandalized.

RoadBotics Sign Inventory Solution

Utilizing state of the art machine learning algorithms, combined with low-cost ever-present cell phone cameras, RoadBotics is able to conduct repeated assessments of a road managers entire sign inventory. Road managers are then able to:

  • Keep track of all signs in their jurisdiction
  • Identify signage requiring maintenance, repair or replacement
  • Identify areas requiring additional signage
  • Identify roads with inadequate signage
  • Understand signage conflicts or confusion

With RoadBotics Cloud, road managers are able to access their entire road sign inventory on the go. In addition, you can provide cloud access to your personnel in order to disseminate information more quickly to your maintenance teams.

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