If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 
— Peter Drucker

Roads Are Complex

Continually in use, and continually abused, roads are the lifeblood of the world's infrastructure.

Road managers everywhere have the challenges of first identifying and then assessing roadway problems or anomalies before they can begin making the difficult choices of how to respond to an increasing variety of complex conditions. 


Limited Budget

With roadway management budgets already stretched far too thin, today's road managers must regularly make difficult choices about how, when and where to allocate assets to repair and rebuild their roadways. Road managers are experts at fixing problems once they are found, but finding and assessing the problems in a comprehensive and time-sensitive manner is the road manager’s toughest challenge. The result is that small and readily addressable problems suddenly become very expensive problems.

Limited Time

The relentless impact of use and time takes a toll on every road. Only the most skilled observers can assess these effects early on and take preventive action. Direct observation of all roads by such skilled roadway managers is time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, processing this information takes months before a decision can be made. To top it off, the sheer scale and complexity of the world’s roadway infrastructure make it nearly impossible to monitor roads for distresses continuously, in real-time.

The RoadBotics Solution

The Roadbotics roadway data collection and analysis platform shows road managers precisely where problems and anomalies are, along with the precise image and assessment of that likely problem or anomaly.

With our cloud solution, road managers can directly access their entire roadway inventory assessment from anywhere, at any time, allowing unprecedented management of our world’s roadways through:

  • Identifying the most damaged or concerning roadway sections immediately

  • Prioritizing repairing by severity

  • Monitoring the degradation with continuous re-assessment

  • Assessing repair and construction performance over time intervals

  • Allocating limited resources continuously, comprehensively and confidently

By allowing road managers to focus on solving problems instead of gathering information, Roadbotics substantially reduces the total cost of operating your roads to the point where many road managers can now do regular and comprehensive assessments for the first time.

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Cloud Based Monitoring

Cloud Based Monitoring


Access From Anywhere Anytime

Regularly Updated Infrastructure Conditions With the Click of a Button


Cloud Based

The RoadBotics service is an online, cloud-based web portal. Our management tools enable you to share access to anyone in your organization you designate.

ADvanced Analytics

The advanced analytics and deep learning capability of RoadBotics captures, identifies, assesses, and locates each problem and anomaly on a roadway immediately, along with a prioritization for solving or addressing them. Road managers can now confidently deploy assets to maximum effect proactively and without searching for those problem areas or waiting for complaints.


Boots on the Ground

RoadBotics‘ granular assessments of road conditions allows road managers to double-check conditions, survey an area, or gut-check problem areas without having to leave their office.

Export Capability

The RoadBotics Cloud can also export to common GIS mapping formats, permitting our roadway inventories to be ported and integrated into existing roadway inventory management systems.