A Single Platform For All of Your Road Data


Hard data about your public infrastructure condition


Affordable assessments and better data stretch your budget further


RoadWay helps you visualize, plan, and execute

Integrate Field Apps on a Cloud-Based System

RoadWay seamlessly integrates apps used to collect data while out in the field with cloud-based storage of your GIS data.

Simple Interface for Actionable Road Data

We have simplified the complexity of GIS into a single software platform to view all your road data quickly and easily so you can get to work faster.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Having data is great, but communicating it is critical. With RoadWay, you can seamlessly view historical trends and the current road network status all in one place.


Secure Online Storage

We know that your job is not to manage terabytes of image data and road data.

We make cloud storage simple so you can concentrate on your road network.

Superior Client Support
Secure Data Storage
Easy Integrations
Planning Tools


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Embedded Maps

Share your assessment, ratings, and images with others using the Embedded Maps option. Your interactive RoadWay map can be embedded onto another web page using automatically generated code, so it can be easily accessed by community members or stakeholders.

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