Massive Data Collection and Processing

Using standard smart phones as enhanced and powerful data collection tools, RoadBotics is amassing an enormous and comprehensive picture of roadways. As the number and variety of our customers grow so grows our data-set of real-world problems and anomalies which, likewise, further grows our ability to develop effective machine and deep-learning algorithms. This allows RoadBotics to deliver an ever-growing variety of simple yet powerful products for our world’s roadway managers.

We take a unique combination of approaches to gain as thorough, precise and accurate image of our customer’s roadway problems. And because of the nature of our unique deep learning, neural network-based approach to data analysis we can continuously enhance the depth and breadth of what we can do for our customers with each new customer. 


State of The Art Deep Learning

RoadBotics’s roots are deep within the Carnegie Mellon University Roadbotics Institute and utilizes the latest deep learning techniques to achieve robust, accurate, and timely analysis of road and sign image data. Our team of engineers and data scientists work collaboratively to achieve greater levels of understanding of the physical world as seen from a windshield.

We utilize a cascade approach with multiple, specialized algorithms chaining together to achieve a complex understandings of the world. Our technology is capable of categorizing and identifying various real-world conditions that allow our road managers customers to act with confidence and allocate their resources appropriately.