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RoadBotics by Michelin empowers communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their road networks. We automate inspections and generate actionable data using artificial intelligence. Our detailed maps, unbiased ratings, and practical tools save time and taxpayer dollars for hundreds of communities across the country and around the world.

RoadWay, the advanced AI platform that launched RoadBotics, has enabled over 250 governments worldwide to objectively assess and manage their road networks. 

RoadBotics was spun out of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Robotics Institute in 2016 and raised $11.4M in venture capital investment.

RoadBotics was acquired by the Michelin Group in July 2022. They join Michelin DDi, a start-up activity from Michelin Group specialized in driving behavior data analysis that is committed to save lives by developing solutions and insights to make roads safe


Strategic Advisors

Courtney Ehrlichman
RoadBotics Co-Founder, CEO of Ehrlichman Group

Randell Iwasaki, P.E.
Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Ahmed Faheem, PhD
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Temple University

Mitchell Weiss
Professor of Management Practice, Richard L. Menschel Faculty Fellow, Harvard Business School

john porcari, advisors

John D. Porcari
President at Axilion USA and Managing Partner at 3P Enterprises

Leadership Team

Philippe Armand

Chief Executive Officer
Philppe is a business leader with international, intrapreneurial experience in marketing, digital, and country management. He is the former CDO at Nestlé Waters, and eRetail Lead and Consumer Experience Marketing Director at Michelin. Passionate about growth, innovation, and data, Philippe makes space in corporations for new ventures, delivering alongside the teams.

Erik Dietz

President and Chief Operating Officer
Erik is an experienced business executive who has worked in a broad range of businesses, from small regional startups to international publicly listed companies. Successful as both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur because of an approach that recognizes consumers, customers, partners, and employees as people first—and people do business with people. His passion for innovation and mobility can be seen throughout this professional and personal life. His academic background includes UCLA, UoSC, and Harvard.

Dan Porcaro

Vice President of Sales and Partnerships
Dan began his selling journey at garage sales and fundraising before tackling various roles in the CPG world. He has diverse leadership experience spanning corporate, academic, and military teams. Dan has worked cross functionally to launch brands, grow revenue, and build capabilities. He has consulted for firms ranging from start-ups to multibillion-dollar global brands and loves delivering value- almost as much as he loves asking questions. Dan majored in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse and earned his MBA at Duke.

Adam Barker

Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources
Adam has been working with Michelin for over 11 years in various roles, including within the Treasury Department and most recently as the Assistant Treasurer. He has also worked in the banking and credit union industry, as well as on board a cruise ship! Adam received his Bachelor's degree in Finance from University of South Carolina and minored in Public Relations.

Jill Bejger-Frederick

Marketing Director
Jill's experience in marketing comes from a wide range of industries- from amusement parks and casinos to tech start-ups and construction companies. The teams she has led and collaborated with have created compelling content, designed award-winning campaigns, managed promotional events, and launched successful products- and her team at RoadBotics is no different! Jill holds degrees in Communications and Public Relations from California University of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Schmidt, PhD

Global Chief Technology Officer
Ben has been the leader of product development at RoadBotics since its inception. With a Ph.D. in engineering, he has extensive experience in bringing machine learning technologies out of the research lab and successfully into the market.  Ben brings a data-driven management culture to the team in order to rapidly grow the company in a fast-paced, start-up environment. This is done by developing and executing on a cohesive strategic vision for the company.

Matt Lucas

Vice President of Engineering
Matt has spent his career helping build start-ups that specialize in using artificial intelligence to enhance human decision making. With a strong background in engineering and product development, he uses a hands-on approach to leadership and works with cross-functional teams to push continuous improvement. Before joining RoadBotics, Matt was a part of the executive team at a technology firm that used machine learning to predict market movements and has spent the last ten years working at start-ups in various industries.