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Small Communities, Limited Resources: How Objective Data Can Set You Up for Success

Tuesday, June 25, at 11 AM EST

Competition for resources is intensifying worldwide, not only between countries or local governments, but also between different departments within a single city. Public Works is among many departments vying to secure more funds to enhance their level of service to citizens. 

Given resources are limited, having a robust pavement management system supported by objective data has become a higher priority. Decision-makers must rely on data and analytics before allocating budgets across various programs to ensure the highest return on investment (ROI) is achieved.  

During our second Expert Panel Series event, experts in local government and civil engineering, including our in-house pavement expert Omar Elbagalati, PhD, PE,  will discuss leveraging advances in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, as well as cell phone technology, to generate high-quality data for strategic planning.


Annie Tamburro
Enterprise Partner Manager, Michelin Mobility Intelligence

Omar Elbagalati, PhD, PE
Director of Market Insights and Research, Michelin Mobility Intelligence

Richard J. Edinger, Jr , P.E., CFM
Vice President, Clark Patterson Lee

Joe Viscuso
Vice President, Pennoni

Eric Randall, P.E., CFM
Public Works Director, City of Smyrna, GA

Larry Gentile
Township Manager, Marple Township

Michelin Mobility Intelligence Better Roads LIVE Demo

Tuesday, July 16, at 2 PM EST

Are you ready to see why time-consuming manual road assessments or data-heavy van scans are a waste of time and money? During this event, we’ll show how we can help you affordably automate your road assessment process using artificial intelligence. You’ll learn about our simple smartphone collection process, accurate AI condition ratings, and interactive mapping platform. Our Experts will be ready to answer your questions!

Glen Hutchinson, Regional sales director

Glen Hutchinson
Business Development Manager

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Access our Web Event Library

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In these videos, we cover topics including how to create your own GIS file of your road network, the basics of the coding language Python, how to collect data for our objective road assessments, and how to prioritize your paving program or put together a pothole blitz – and more!