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Special Web Events

Here’s our upcoming schedule of Web Events, featuring RoadBotics Experts, special guests, and exciting demos. Use the yellow “Register Here” button to let us know you’ll be coming!

AgileMapper: Sneak Peek!

Wednesday, April 21, at 12:15 PM

agilemapper sneak peek

RoadBotics is almost ready to unleash the NEW completely overhauled version of AgileMapper and Product Manager Todd is ready to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what cutting-edge tools and advanced features this latest release will include. 

Hosted By:
Todd Saulle@0,25x

Todd Saulle
RoadBotics Product Manager

Monitoring Extreme Weather Events

Wednesday, April 28, at 1:15 PM

Prolonged heat, excessive rainfall, and the freeze-thaw cycle all have an effect on your pavement management and maintenance. Our Experts will show you how RoadBotics tools can be leveraged to set a baseline you can use for condition comparisons, insurance claims, and repairs.

Hosted By:

Michael Trickey
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

sarah kilroy

Sarah Kilroy
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

Ron Judd

Ron Judd
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

Access our Web Event Library

Did you miss one of our live web events or can’t fit one into your schedule? No worries! Access on-demand recordings of our previous web events to learn new skills and details about RoadBotics’ tools.

In these videos, we cover topics including how to create your own GIS file of your road network, the basics of the coding language Python, how to collect data for our objective road assessments, and how to prioritize your paving program or put together a pothole blitz – and more!

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