Weekly Lunch & Learns

Join us for these mid-day presentations that you can learn from over lunch! Each session features RoadBotics Experts, relevant topic demo, and interactive Q&A. Click the yellow button to let us know you’ll be there! 

Maintaining Infrastructure Seasonally in Small Towns & Big Cities

Tuesday, January 19, at 12:15 PM

Senior Regional Sales Director Ron Judd shows why a seasonal approach to assessing and repairing roads and infrastructure is beneficial to both small and large communities alike. He’ll share why seasonal surveys produce more efficient, actionable, and affordable plans over the long-run compared to yearly or bi-yearly assessments.

Hosted By:
Ron Judd

Ron Judd
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

The Advantages of Objective Data

Tuesday, January 26, at 12:15 PM

Senior Regional Sales Director Sarah Kilroy demonstrates how using automated, objective data from a RoadBotics assessment is imperative for lean budgets, rather than depending on subjective data collected during a manual assessment. Learn how communities are using objective data to develop pavement plans and fix the right roads at the right time.

Hosted By:
sarah kilroy

Sarah Kilroy
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

RoadBotics Live Demo

Thursday, February 4, at 12:15 PM

RoadBotics’ Product Manager Todd Saulle will introduce you to RoadWay, our interactive online platform where you can view, assess, and manage your road network conditions, including common distresses like potholes and alligator cracking.

Hosted By:
Todd Saulle@0,25x

Todd Saulle
RoadBotics Product Manager

Innovating your Infrastructure Assessment with RoadBotics

Tuesday, February 9, at 12:15 PM

Regional Sales Director Brendan Cope will introduce you to the latest and greatest tools available to you on the RoadWay and AgileMapper platform, showing how our clients are putting these tools to work to get better results for their communities.

Hosted By:

Brendan Cope
RoadBotics Regional Sales Director

The Importance of Routine Assessments

Tuesday, February 16, at 12:15 PM

From monitoring seasonal issues on your primary road network to keeping track of long-term efforts on your secondary road network, Senior Regional Sales Director Rebecca Cormier will show you how to plan seasonal preventative maintenance based on your RoadWay data.

Hosted By:
rebecca cormier

Rebecca Cormier
RoadBotics Senior Regional Sales Director

Grow with RoadBotics

Tuesday, February 23, at 12:15 PM

Pavement management is best done with long-term, data-driven plans – and understanding your road network’s current conditions is the first step. CX Associate Patrick Breiner will show you how your community can use their assessments year over year to build effective pavement management plans and evaluate their progress.

Hosted By:
patrick breiner

Patrick Breiner
RoadBotics CX Associate

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