White Papers

Pavement Management Pilot: UPWP Task 5.32

Public works departments in North Florida and throughout the nation have significant backlogs in pavement management needs. Identifying and predicting pavement failures early can result in significant savings over rehabilitation, resurfacing or reconstruction which is required if adequate maintenance cannot be performed.

This pilot project compares traditional pavement rating systems used by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), municipalities such as Clay County and machine-learning video-based technologies to develop low-cost pavement management systems for small and rural communities.

UKPMS and RoadBotics: A Comparison

RoadBotics by Michelin offers a universal 1-5 pavement surface condition rating based on the visual assessment of high quality roadway image data. To help road managers in the United Kingdom better understand this 1-5 RoadBotics by Michelin rating system, the following analysis compares the United Kingdom Pavement Management System (UKPMS) rating system with RoadBotics by Michelin. The specific case that is detailed in this study compares RoadBotics by Michelin pavement assessment data and UKPMS data in Westminster, London.