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Unique Use Cases

RoadBotics’ online road assessment viewing platform, RoadWay, is used by 250+ communities around the world.

While its primary function is to display the results of your RoadBotics road assessment, our creative clients have come up with some unique ways they are using RoadWay.

Have you used RoadWay to solve a very specific problem? We’d love to hear about it! Contact to be featured.

Cumberland Unique Use Case Card
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Mt. Oliver Unique Use Case Card
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RoadWay User Tips

Road Report Analysis

Embedded Maps

Collecting Sidewalk Image Data 

Isolating Individual Distresses

Utilizing RoadBotics Spreadsheet Data 

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Product Updates

RoadBotics Product Team is always looking for ways to improve RoadWay. By listening to our clients’ suggestions, we strive to deliver tools that improve functionality and overall user experience.

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