The Roadmap to Long-Term, Data-Driven Public Infrastructure

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MISSION CONTROL: The Roadmap to Long-Term, Data-Driven Public Infrastructure

Mission Control: the RoadMap to long-term, Data-driven, public infrastructure

RoadBotics by Michelin Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Schmidt, PhD, to Release First Book

You can’t make it better until you make it work.

In America, we don’t create bad infrastructure—we just fail to maintain it. The crumbling infrastructure of U.S. cities and towns is often overshadowed by budget concerns, national turmoil, and global crises. As a leader in your local government, you know this better than anyone.

But progress is possible.

In MISSION CONTROL: The Roadmap to Long-Term, Data-Driven Public Infrastructure, technologist and entrepreneur Benjamin Schmidt shares how you can join the data-driven revolution and lead the way in adopting new processes and technologies to save money, achieve better outcomes, and make a tangible difference in your civil infrastructure management.

A pioneer in public infrastructure technology, Benjamin explains how to overcome the common obstacles and wrong turns that stop innovators in their tracks, demonstrating how obtaining the right data works as a foundation for informed decision-making. Sometimes a good idea just needs a push in the right direction. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls, gain momentum, and take actionable steps with a proven framework for inspiring progress and disrupting the status quo.

Author Bio
Benjamin Schmidt is a visionary technologist, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder and Global CTO of RoadBotics by Michelin. Passionate about the impact of advanced technology in the real world, Benjamin began his career in biotech before moving into renewable energy, then infrastructure, recognizing how lives are transformed by technology. His startup mindset has bridged the gap between problem and solution for governments throughout the world, revolutionizing how issues are identified at the government level with a nimble, collaborative approach. Benjamin lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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