Mission Control Chapter 2: Key Mistakes in Mission

RoadBotics CEO and Co-Founder, Ben Schmidt, PhD, will be releasing “Mission Control: The Roadmap To Long-Term, Data-Driven Public Infrastructure” on June 1, 2022. We’re taking a look at an excerpt from each chapter, and how RoadBotics is putting those solutions into practice. 

If you missed it, Mission Control’s Chapter 1 excerpt emphasized the importance of evolving with your data. 

Key Mistakes in Mission

Are you getting the job done OR getting the job done well?

In Chapter 2, Mission Control author, Ben Schmidt, PhD, shares,

Mission Control CHAPTER 2 excerpt
Mission Control CHAPTER 2 excerpt

At first glance, the strategy above isn’t bad, because staying on budget is important – and using technology to improve processes is typically a smart choice. 

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Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into the trap of investing too much money in the wrong kind of technology for the task at hand. This mindset originates with prioritizing the wrong key metrics as an ultimate measurement of success. 

Do you put shaving cream all over your whole body just to trim your beard? Hopefully not! 

Using data that is too narrow skews the view of the bigger picture and stalls progress over time. Solid pavement management strategies should take budget AND real world conditions into consideration to eliminate redundancy and identify opportunities for cost and time savings.

For example, if the state in Ben’s example conducted a smartphone-based road assessment to gather data for their entire network, they would receive objectively-rated road images for every 10 feet on a 1 through 5 scale, with 1 being the best roads and 5 being the worst.

Using their objective road data, including images and ratings, they could factor in the current state of each road and cross reference that data with how efficiently they were using resources like labor and tar over time. 

With routine assessments, their ability to evaluate their spending, planning, and resources would become more streamlined. 

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They would be able to get the job done well instead of just getting the job done. 

RoadBotics CEO + Co-founder, Ben Schmidt, PhD, set out to provide an easier way to show rather than tell road managers about the benefits of data-driven decisions in his upcoming publication, Mission Control: The Roadmap To Long-Term, Data-Driven Public Infrastructure. 

Visit the book webpage to learn more, or download the Press Kit here.

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