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Conduct Asset Inspections


You need to carefully assess and record the current condition of public infrastructure assets like signs, street lights, benches, trees, manholes, and fire hydrants on a regular basis, whether monthly, annually, or bi-annually.


Asset inspection work requires careful documentation and proof of condition. Finding a comprehensive, user-friendly asset inspection platform that allows you to store details and images is difficult.


An automatic tagging and organized categorization system reduces the time and effort required to complete an inspection. Since multiple images are needed to fully document each asset, storage of all data must be robust and secure. Most of all, the platform needs to communicate an accurate, objective view of an asset over time between field crews and the office.


AgileMapper lets you tag, sort, and map visual asset data with the power and speed of artificial intelligence (AI). High-definition imagery and manual tagging clearly communicate the assets’ conditions. 

Start by uploading your visual data – which can include smartphone photos, 360 images, GoPro footage, or drone footage. 

AgileMapper’s AI quickly assigns appropriate image tags, like Street Sign, Fire Hydrant, or Bench, that you can later use to sort and analyze. Create your own set of tags based on your current condition rating system.

Once the visual asset data has been uploaded, your valuable, high-definition images, tags, and geo-spatial data are mapped on the interactive AgileMapper platform right from your office or desktop.  

You can filter out and sort by any tag you’d like, so you can focus your attention only on the assets, condition levels, or even users you care about – empowering you to better prioritize your maintenance and budget.  

AgileMapper can also be shared in a view-only format internally or externally to improve communication, promote accountability, and increase transparency.

If you are already using a major GIS platform like QGIS or Esri, we can help with integration.

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