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Monitoring Projects and Progress


You need to carefully document and track the progress of multiple projects managed by different teams in many locations. Measuring progress and understanding why issues arise is of utmost importance.


Managing multiple projects, teams, and locations is difficult without effective communication and progress tracking. Troubleshooting problems without being on the job site is challenging.


Tracking with time-stamped and user-referenced images allows you to understand daily progress on all of your projects from your desktop. Communication with your teams through a central portal efficiently solves problems and gives you a voice away from the jobsite.


AgileMapper helps you build meaningful maps and make data-driven decisions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Start by uploading your existing visual data to the AgileMapper desktop website or by downloading the AgileMapper mobile app on your smartphone. To begin collecting new visual data, use the camera on your smartphone to capture images of the conditions of each asset. AgileMapper’s custom tagging capabilities means you can add tags that fit your project scope or focus, like Drywall, Electric, and Plumbing that you can later use to sort and analyze your images. 

Now, all of the asset images, tags, and geo-spacial data are mapped on the interactive AgileMapper platform, and can be filtered or sorted by keywords, tags, users, or time frames to focus on a particular need, project, or situation.

AgileMapper can also be shared in a view-only format internally or externally to improve communication, promote accountability, and increase transparency. If you are already using a major GIS platform like QGIS or Esri, we can help with integration.

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