Does your community need an efficient way to conduct a mapped asset inventory?



Conduct a Municipal Asset Inventory


You need to accurately catalog and map your public infrastructure assets like signs, street lights, benches, trees, manholes, and fire hydrants. 


Asset inventory work can be very tedious and time consuming. Finding a comprehensive, user-friendly asset management platform is difficult. 


The identification, tagging, sorting, mapping, and analysis of each asset image should be fast and intuitive. Storage of images and other data should be secure. Sorting and reporting needs to be logical and flexible. Most of all, the platform needs to communicate an accurate, objective view of all the assets.


AgileMapper helps you build meaningful maps and make data-driven decisions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Start by uploading your existing visual data in the form of smartphone photos, 360 images, GoPro footage, and drone footage to the AgileMapper desktop website. To begin collecting new visual data, you can also download the AgileMapper app and use the camera on your smartphone to capture images of each asset.

AgileMapper’s AI quickly and appropriately tags each image, like Street Sign, Fire Hydrant, or Bench, that you can later use to sort and analyze. Or, create your own set of tags based on your current naming conventions.

Now, your asset images, tags, and geo-spacial data are mapped on the interactive AgileMapper platform.

With accurately mapped, high-definition imagery and accurate geo-location, you can determine if your sidewalk and sidewalk-adjacent assets are in compliance right from your desk- or use the data to plan maintenance and upgrades. AgileMapper can also be shared in a view-only format internally or externally to improve communication, promote accountability, and increase transparency.

If you are already using a major GIS platform like QGIS or Esri, we can help with integration.

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