Case Study:

Dublin, OH

Dublin was looking to reduce the time and effort required to convert and analyze their road condition data and improve their pavement maintenance processes.

Dublin is a thriving community in central Ohio, just northwest of Columbus. It is home to nearly 50,000 residents, over 4,300 businesses, and more than 20 corporate headquarters, and consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in America.

Residents and businesses take advantage of responsive services, attractive housing, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space, thoughtful and strategic planning, innovative ideas and technology, and a dynamic community life.
In an effort to improve their pavement maintenance processes, Dublin partnered with RoadBotics to conduct an objective road assessment on their 278 centerline-mile road network.


Prior to working with RoadBotics, Dublin used a vendor to perform pavement inspections every other year using camera and laser scanning technology. Data collection typically took a few weeks to complete; however, data analysis took months.

The problem was that the data from their previous assessment method needed to be converted to work with the pavement management system, so many valuable man-hours were spent making that data conversion.

A picture within Dublin's road assessment, viewable on RoadWay.


With the intention of reducing the time and effort required to convert and analyze their road condition data, Dublin adopted RoadBotics pavement assessment platform.

They began with data collection, which was completed quickly with a smartphone. RoadBotics then used artificial intelligence to deliver conditional 1-5 ratings for every 10-foot section of roadway and delivered the results on an interactive map. Roads rated 1 were considered in the worst condition and colored red, while the best roads were rated 5 and colored green

“RoadBotics has provided Dublin with simplistic, easily digestible pavement data..”

- Robert J. Taylor, PE
Director of Asset Management & Support Services


Dublin was able to save valuable man-hours using RoadBotics high-definition images with location and time stamps to complement their pavement management program in ArcGIS. The simple 1-5 rating scale and color-coding made the results easy to understand and communicate across their audiences.

Because RoadBotics image and ratings data was able to seamlessly integrate with ArcGIS, Dublin was also able to abandon using their third-party pavement management software.

Dublin is now using RoadBotics data as a basis for creating their annual Street Maintenance Program.

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