RoadBotics enters India with Bengaluru-Based BuildTrail

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RoadBotics, the US-based developer of AI road inspection technologies, has partnered with Bengaluru-based BuildTrail to offer their solutions to cities and states in India. Now governments across India can use RoadBotics’ cutting edge technology to make data-driven road maintenance decisions.

“We are thrilled to work with BuildTrail and help governments in India maintain and improve their roadways,” shares RoadBotics CEO Mark DeSantis. “Similar to the United States, Indian public works officials face immense pressure from citizens to address hazardous road issues such as potholes as well as pressure to prevent future damage from forming in the first place.”

BuildTrail co-founder Karthik KV continues, “Maintaining roadways in India is an incredibly difficult task. Public works officials are responsible for maintaining a massive 4.7 million kilometer road network. Helping a city or state government improve their roads starts with providing accurate and reliable data about the surface condition of their entire network. No longer will officials need to rely on citizen complaints or sending out teams of engineers to assess the condition of their roads. Using RoadBotics’ AI solution, BuildTrail can now equip public works teams` with this critical data at unmatched affordability and speed.”

RoadBotics offers pavement assessments generated by deep learning-based image processing. RoadBotics CTO Dr. Benjamin Schmidt explains, “We have trained our AI to scan images of a road network pixel-by-pixel to identify all the road surface distresses that a civil engineer is trained to look for. The AI automatically generates a 1-5 condition rating based on the road surface distresses that it finds in each 3-meter image of the roadway. By automating the rating process, our AI produces highly objective assessments that our customers rely on to make data-driven decisions about where to place their maintenance resources.”

How will image data for the assessments be collected for cities and states in India? BuildTrail Co-founder Suman Choudhary elaborates, “BuildTrail will deploy a team of trained technicians to drive a customer’s entire road network. Each technician’s vehicle is equipped with a forward-facing smartphone mounted to the windshield. RoadBotics’ app is uploaded to each smartphone, which automatically collects image data for every 3-meters of the roadway as the technicians drive their predetermined routes. By using smartphones and passenger vehicles for collection, we can rapidly offer this service anywhere – offering an up-to-date view of your road network. This technology will help government departments reduce the time in fixing roads and provides  data insights to draw action plans for road maintenance programs.”

DeSantis concludes, “Our goal is very simple: To impact people by providing data to make safer and better roads. “Currently we help over 100 governments in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand achieve this mission, Together with BuildTrail, we now have the opportunity to have a dramatically expand our impact to the 1.4 billion citizens who rely on India’s roads every day. That is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our company to pursue.”

To learn more about how you can benefit from RoadBotics assessment data in India, contact BuildTrail at

About BuildTrail

BuildTrail is a startup based out of Bangalore that focuses on bringing efficiencies to India’s infrastructure sector. Using digitization and creating collaborative project management workflows, BuildTrail brings improved administrative control and transparency to its customers. Since its founding in 2015 by K.V.Karthik & Suman Choudhary, BuildTrail has been working closely with private and government-led enterprises to deliver solutions that better equip them for handling the critical challenges faced in execution and delivery of projects in the construction and infrastructure sector.

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