Why Engineering Firms Love Our Enterprise Product

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I speak with dozens of civil engineering firms every week who are interested in joining our enterprise partner program. Each conversation eventually reaches the question, “Why do your current partners subscribe to the enterprise program?”

Here is a list of the top five reasons why engineering firms from across the US love our enterprise partner program:

1. Reliable data

The number one reason our partners subscribe to our enterprise program is the reliability and objectivity of the resulting pavement assessment data. Oftentimes, our partners previously conducted manual visual assessments. Although conducted by trained engineers, our partners worry about variability in inspector opinion, particularly if they are conducting an assessment with multiple inspectors across many days. Any variability in data puts in question the overall assessment quality. RoadBotics AI analysis process generates an objective 1-5 pavement condition score for every 10 feet of roadway of an assessment project. Because the ratings of the road surface are automatically generated, the resulting pavement assessment is highly reliable, de-politicized and repeatable.

2. Foundation for Planning & Consulting Services

Reliable data serves as the foundation for all our enterprise partners’ other pavement management consulting and planning services. With objective results already in-hand, our partners don’t have to spend time analyzing the input and rating the data. Instead, they focus their time and resources on activating the RoadBotics data – translating the pavement assessment into actionable immediate maintenance regions and dynamic long-term asset management plans for their customers.

3. Save Costs

The enterprise partner program saves our partners money. Prior to subscribing to enterprise, our partners previously would rent a LiDAR van or send out a team of trained civil engineers to conduct a pavement assessment. In both cases, these methods are expensive compared to the discounted assessment rate that partners pay for RoadBotics assessments. By lowering the costs to generate the actual assessments, our partners can pass that saving along to their customers or they can reallocate those saved costs to add even more value to the planning services they provide following the assessment.

4. Importable assessment data 

Many of our enterprise partners use our data visualization platform RoadWay as a communication tool, particularly when presenting to public officials or non-engineers. Our partners also use RoadWay to provide an interactive and engaging experience as part of any plan or report that they are compiling for a customer. However, most of our enterprise partners import the Shapefile of the assessment (which is provided for each project) into their existing asset management or pavement management software. In this way, their customer benefits from RoadBotics objective data without having to switch to a new platform. Our Partner Solutions team is even there to support any data upload questions that a partner may have when importing RoadBotics data into an existing asset management system.

5. Expand Service Offerings

Although many of our enterprise partners already provided some form of a pavement assessment prior to subscribing to our program, some firms specifically join to expand their service offerings. Often times, these are entrepreneurial firms that already service the municipal market, but have not yet dove into the world of asset management. Enterprise provides a software solution and the foundational data for engineering firms to test the water of asset management services in a low-risk, high-reward environment.

6. Simple Data Collection

One of the major benefits to becoming an enterprise partner is receiving access to RoadBotics proprietary data collection apps, which includes RoadSense (image collection app) and RoadNav (turn-by-turn navigation app). These apps are designed specifically to make the collection of data for a pavement assessment seamless and fast. For example, for each assessment project RoadBotics provides turn-by-turn driving routes that are optimized to ensure speedy data collection. Because data collection is a simplified process, our partners will often contract more affordable, less specialized staff to conduct data collection – rather than expensive staff engineers. And because our partners are often local to their customers, when they collect the data, it speeds up the turn-around time to receive the final assessment from our team. It’s a win-win. 

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