Remote With RoadBotics, Weeks 4-6 Recap

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Over the past six weeks, RoadBotics Specialists and our valued partners have presented over 30 Remote with RoadBotics Web Events! We’ve enjoyed sharing our knowledge and expertise in topics such as machine learning, pavement management, coding, and digitizing infrastructure with you, our clients, followers, and friends. 

Here’s a recap of some of the web events from the last three weeks:

Benefits and Unique Use Cases for Objective Road Assessments

Todd Saulle, RoadBotics’ Product Manager, and Alex Khammari, RoadBotics’ Director of Growth, invite Robert Smith, Director of Engineering at the City of Cumberland, Maryland, to discuss the benefits of automating road assessments. Using the city’s two RoadBotics assessments, Robert discusses how Cumberland utilizes the data for their pavement planning, record keeping, and solving right-of-way issues.

To learn more about how Cumberland uses RoadWay, watch this preview clip.

Introduction to Machine Learning

RoadBotics uses Machine Learning to analyze and rate road images for their assessments. But how does it work? One of RoadBotics’ Data Scientists, Anshul Goyal,  covers the fundamentals of machine learning, deep learning neural networks, and the techniques RoadBotics used to develop their deep learning model.

Watch this preview clip to learn more about basic neural networks.

Using Transit to Monitor Infrastructure: Project Overview

RoadBotics’ Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Christoph Mertz, discusses the transit monitoring research he is conducting at Carnegie Mellon University’s Mobility21 University Transportation Center. In his research, Dr. Mertz utilizes data collected from cameras on transit buses to identify road hazards, count parked and moving vehicles, and monitor infrastructure.

In this preview clip, Dr. Mertz explains how this technology is used to identify and map road hazards.

The Importance of Client Feedback for SaaS Product Evolution

Todd Saulle, RoadBotics’ Product Manager, and Alison McGee, RoadBotics’ Marketing Associate, discuss the value of client feedback for SaaS product features and updates. Todd illustrates how RoadWay has evolved since its inception from client feedback, and provides a sneak peek of future product updates.

Learn about the SaaS Product Evolution Cycle in this preview clip.

Introduction to Pavement Maintenance

RoadBotics’ Partner Growth Lead, Sam Sullivan, teams up with Matt Jeffers from Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions, Inc. to give an introduction to pavement maintenance best practices. They discuss how to estimate the efficiency of and successfully plan preventative, restorative, and rehabilitative pavement preservation practices. 

To learn about the pavement condition curve, watch this preview clip.

We look forward to hosting many more Web Events in the weeks to come!

Pining to learn more about these topics? You can register to receive full-length recordings of our Remote with RoadBotics Web Events here!

Interested in catching a live Web Event? Check out our upcoming Web Events page. New topics and discussions are added regularly!


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