Road Safety Joint Research Project Begins

Safe mobility is at the heart of Michelin’s mission. In that spirit, a three-way research project has been initiated between MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and MICHELIN DDi.

Our experts from Michelin DDi, MIT CS Hub Department, and UMASS Dartmouth will be working together on leveraging near-miss data to help with preventive road safety measures.

The team will leverage an extensive driving behavior dataset from over 40 million connected drivers and the latest computer science for the benefit of road safety. The expectation is to provide insights in favor of powerful preventive roads safety approaches and to work towards avoiding future crashes by using near-miss data.

ddi research project with mit and dartmouth

Pictured from left to right:

Mazdak Tootkaboni, PhD
Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering – UMASS Dartmouth

Arghavan Louhghalam, PhD 
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering – UMASS Dartmouth

Meshkat Botshekan, PhD Candidate

Franz-Josef Ulm, PhD
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Faculty Director, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub

Seth Pack
Head of Innovation, Michelin Mobility Intelligence

Guillaume Puiseux
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Michelin Mobility Intelligence


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