With the release of ASCE’s 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, RoadBotics wanted to provide a look at 20 US city road networks and their conditions. Unfortunately, our national roads did not rate any better on the Infrastructure Report Card than they did back in 2017 and were again an overall “D”. 

So how did these 20 US city roads rate? Click each city dot to find out.

RoadBotics believes technology and data can move our country into the 21st century of infrastructure prioritization and spending. We have first-hand knowledge of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s willingness to make data-driven decisions – he implemented RoadBotics technology while Mayor of South Bend and we hope that the enthusiasm for innovation will continue on a national level.

What does RoadBotics CEO Benjamin Schmidt, PhD, think this data indicates, and how does he think we can solve the infrastructure issues our country is facing?

What recent innovation do you think has had or will have the biggest impact on infrastructure? 
Hear what Infrastructure Leaders think! 

Would you like access to the road condition open data set for the US City Roads Report 2021?