RoadBotics Open Data Set

RoadBotics is excited to announce the release of the open data set from the U.S. City Roads Report! The report assessed the condition of 75 miles of road in 20 major metropolitan cities across the country. 

The RoadBotics Open Data Set is intended to provide insight for academic research and supplement existing infrastructure asset data. 

The downloadable data set includes access to the same videos, GPS data, and accelerometer data that RoadBotics itself used to create the road assessments for the 20 cities. Additionally, you will receive the point-level and segment-level data that corresponds to the coverage we selected out of the raw data for the U.S. City Roads Report. 

RoadBotics may continue to augment the Open Data Set over time.

Please note, this release is licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution License v1.0; therefore, you are free to share, modify, and use this Data Set, but you are required to properly attribute it to RoadBotics. 

Please let us know if you have interesting findings from this data set. We would love to work with you!


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