Assessments for Small-Scale Special Projects

RoadBotics’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based pavement assessment is utilized by 250+ communities around the world. 

Our creative clients have come up with some unique ways they’re applying RoadBotics’s technology. This Unique Use Case discusses assessments for small-scale special projects.

Andrews is a city in Texas, close to the New Mexico border. Over the past few years, the city found itself in the middle of the West Texas oil boom. While the industry has a positive impact on the local economy, it also places a burden on roads and infrastructure. Large trucks hauling heavy machinery cause pavements not designed to withstand heavy vehicle loading to deteriorate quicker.

Officials from the City of Andrews’ Department of Transportation were concerned about one road in particular. 

Loop 1910 is a 13-mile ring road encompassing the city, including its airport. This heavily trafficked road serves as access to arterial roads that connect Andrews to nearby towns and oil fields. DOT officials wanted the road assessed to understand the impact of the oil boom on the Loop.

Loop 1910 on RoadWay

The special project was given to Kimley Horn, a long-time partner of both Andrews and RoadBotics. Engineers determined the road was too long and dangerous for a manual assessment, and too costly to ship in and assess with a laser van. Understanding that not all projects require the “Cadillac” pavement assessment method, engineers made the easy choice to move forward with a RoadBotics automated pavement assessment.

With an overall score of 1.31, Loop 1910 is in very good condition. Andrews’ DOT officials can now clearly see that, besides a few areas with distressing, increased truck traffic from the oil boom has not significantly affected the pavement conditions. Future assessments will allow them to understand where and how the road deteriorates over time.

Point Level Imagery from Andrews' assessment

The assessment of a 13-mile ring road is a small-scale special project. However, a RoadBotics assessment is a simple, efficient, and accurate solution for projects of all sizes, scopes, and budgets. 

Did you use RoadBotics’ automated pavement assessment for a special project? Is there another unique situation you’ve used RoadWay for? If so, we’d love to hear about it — reach out to your contact at RoadBotics or email


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