The RoadBotics Difference

Nikhil Ranga

Nikhil Ranga

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Our company mission is to make a truly transformative product for roadway managers. With over 4.5-million miles of roads in the United States and another approximately 20-million miles around the world–our road infrastructure is truly enormous in scale. For our customers, we provide a radically different view on how to approach their own roadway management efforts.

If you are a roadway manager, you know that effective management begins with knowing your roads.

Even at a smaller scale, this is a daunting challenge and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Manual inspection requires intensive labor and time. This comes at a cost, with less robust data.

RoadBotics is a differentiator.

Our technologies enables municipalities, cities, and engineering firms to dramatically alter and improve the data they have at their disposal. By collecting image data with a simple dash mounted camera and using advanced machine learning and pattern recognition technologies, the RoadBotics proprietary platform enables roadway managers to access unparalleled information on their road surfaces.

The machine learning technology developed at RoadBotics is capable of automatically and algorithmically identifying road surface distresses. After characterizing those distresses the technology provides a quantitative rating of each road segment. Those ratings become the basis of a multitude of decision-making processes. In addition, the platform enables the road managers to communicate visually the status of their road conditions to their council members and citizens.

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