Make Data-Driven Decisions

Manage your road network with objective, affordable assessments and robust pavement planning tools.

Simplified Road Assessments

Using a smartphone app, any government can create accurate road surveys and identify each pothole, crack, and road surface distress. 

RoadBotics makes road data accessible.

The RoadWay Platform

We unify your data on a single cloud platform. Cloud-based access means you can simplify your road management workflows from any computer, whether you are at your office or on a tablet in the field.

RoadBotics makes road management easy.

Data-Driven Infrastructure Planning

Start managing your infrastructure using a data-driven and objective approach. When your community needs to develop a capital plan or prioritize your maintenance activities, we make that easy. With comprehensive reporting tools and easy to use visualizations, you’ll be able to get buy in from every stakeholder so you can get started faster.

Build Your Own Image Library

Using your smartphone, we enable our clients to develop a robust image inventory of all of their roads, sidewalks, bridges, and trails. Our technology is used around the world to seamlessly create your own virtual infrastructure snapshot.

250+ Municipal Governments in the US

We serve over 250 governments in the US and many more around the world. In addition, we have partnered with more than 30 world class engineering firms in order to deliver better roads for governments. Getting started is quick and easy.

Why RoadBotics?

Most of the world’s governments struggle to maintain their road networks because the process is too cumbersome, time consuming, and subjective. This means that your public infrastructure assets could be in better condition and less expensive to maintain if you only had the right tools.


Hard data about your public infrastructure condition


Affordable assessments and better data stretch your budget further


RoadWay helps you visualize, plan, and execute a strategy

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