Once-in-a-Generation Infrastructure Funding is Underway

Are you prepared? Do you know the location and condition of your infrastructure assets? 

Is your infrastructure in bad shape? Can you prove it? 

When it comes to getting a piece of the Infrastructure Bill funding for your community, how will you prove it? 

AgileMapper app interface

Meet AgileMapper by RoadBotics®

AgileMapper transforms your visual infrastructure data into meaningful maps using artificial intelligence (AI). 

You can quickly inventory your infrastructure assets and note their condition on an interactive map. Each asset image is automatically geo-tagged, time-stamped, and user-referenced with common tags applied by our AI.

Each asset can then be grouped, sorted, and searched for reference. 

Applying for Grants and Funding?

The detailed visual data on an AgileMapper map can be used to support grant and funding requests, providing an accurate picture and clearly documenting your infrastructure needs. 

And as you invest your infrastructure grants and funds, AgileMapper becomes an important tool for tracking your progress and showing that you’ve put the money to good use.

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"RoadBotics' AgileMapper immediately turns your visual data into the most powerful interactive map ever available to cities and engineering firms."

John D. Porcari
Port Envoy to the Biden-⁠Harris Administration Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force
President at Axilion USA and Managing Partner at 3P Enterprises
Former Deputy Secretary/Chief Operating Officer at the United States Department of Transportation

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