Keeping Up With Infrastructure Plans: What’s Happening And What’s Next, October 2021

There’s been so much news around our nation’s infrastructure, but what action has been taken and what can we expect next? Our monthly series will keep you in the loop from a high level! For a look back at last month, head to our September 2021 Infrastructure Bill Update!

What's Happening

A final vote was predicted on the Infrastructure Bill by September 27, but with a catch: the Democratic Party planned to withhold passing it until a Budget Resolution was enacted through reconciliation. 

They wanted to pass the $3.5 billion Budget Resolution and the $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill so the funding could be spent over the next ten years.

Did things go according to plan? 

Capitol building in Washington DC

Not exactly… 

Because Democrats are using reconciliation to pass the Budget Resolution, they need to have a unanimous vote. This has been difficult to accomplish, as some see the $3.5 trillion resolution as too expensive – so much so that they missed their deadline. 

The deadline has been extended until October 31.

So who is holding out and why?

Democratic Centrists Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia are blocking the socially-focused resolution. While Manchin supports a less expensive bill, Sinema has not provided a specific reason. 

What's Next

While we wait for the Oct. 31 deadline …

President Biden hopes to have legislation passed to give the U.S. an edge at the upcoming COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. The country’s participation in climate change initiatives dwindled under the Trump administration, so there is a sense of urgency to make up for lost time.

Compromise in politics is complicated, and we’re watching it unfold this month.


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