Transform Visual Infrastructure Data into Meaningful Maps

Using Artificial Intelligence

Meet AgileMapper by RoadBotics®

AgileMapper transforms your visual infrastructure data into meaningful maps using artificial intelligence.
These interactive maps empower you to:
  • Quickly inventory assets and note their condition
  • Efficiently monitor the progress of multiple projects
  • Clearly communicate with your team

Unlock Your Data

Upload your visual infrastructure data – including smartphone, GoPro, 360 camera, and drone footage – and let our AI go to work! 

Build a Virtual World

Each image is automatically geo-tagged, time-stamped, and user-referenced on a map with common tags applied by our AI. 

Generate Reports

Sort, report, and communicate locations and conditions across teams to create actionable and trackable plans.

Already Have Existing Visual Data?

Bring your already-existing visual infrastructure asset data to life – including smartphone, GoPro, 360 camera, or drone footage – by easily uploading it to the AgileMapper platform. 

Images appear on an interactive map and are geo-tagged, time-stamped, and user-referenced. 

Let our Artificial Intelligence Go To Work!

After your visual data is uploaded, our AI goes to work!

Using a comprehensive set of tags like traffic signs, manhole covers, and fire hydrants, your images are automatically identified and tagged by our AI. If you have established naming conventions, you can create your own tags to manually label assets. 

These tags can be easily grouped and searched to quickly find later.

The images can be searched by keyword, tags, users, location, and even date and time for more flexibility.

Easily Organize Maps and Progress

Project management is easier with objective information and clear communication. You can create maps, add locations, and assign teams right from your desktop. Each time you log in, you’ll see the activity since your last session under Notifications.

Each user can customize their own settings, add and tag images, and save comments on each image through the user-friendly interface.

All data is securely is stored in the Cloud, making it quickly accessible and saving space on your personal devices. 

Ready to Get Started?

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